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DRYMON is a revolutionary new method for monitoring extreme conditions, such as droughts. The method is based on satellite radar signals. From the signals soil moisture is calculated. Repeating this every day for the entire globe enables DRYMON to identify droughts when they develop and to measure their intensity.

The monitoring of drought in DRYMON is so precise that we can use the soil moisture deficiency to forecast crop yield (except at irrigated fields).

The soil moisture information retrieved from the satellite data enables also the forecasts of high and low river discharges, especially when this information is assimilated with hydrological models.

DRYMON products are operational. We base our services on MetOp/ASCAT satellite data, which has been declared operational by its provider (EUMETSAT) since late 2008.

NEO provides operational and commercial DRYMON products and services since 2009. Potential customers can be assured that the techniques used in DRYMON will lead to extremely competitive and economic products and services, with the high level of automation we can achieve. We invite you to read more about our products, services and developments, here at the DRYMON Internet site.

For more information, or to ask for DRYMON services for your area, you are kindly requested to send us an email, to contact NEO.

Current projects:

- GLOWASIS: a collaborative FP7-project aimed at pre-validation of a GMES Global Water Scarcity Information Service (2011-2012)

- Radar soil moisture services: in collaboration with Deltares (2009-2010)
     Project deliverable: Water storage capacity of The Netherlands




Scientific research and the development of the DRYMON initiative have been made possible with the funding of NEO projects by the European Space Agency, the Netherlands Remote Sensing Programme and the Netherlands Agency for Aerospace Programmes, to whom we owe an acknowledgement.