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04/05/10 Drying condition ends in The Netherlands - Spring 2010 was a dry season for The Netherland, but ends late April whene rain brought the needed water.

Profile soil moisture, animation from 5 April - 3 May 2010 ; Time series of profile soil moisture for The Netherlands.

16/06/09 NEW DRYMON project: Radar soil moisture services - A daily high resolution national soil moisture data set will be developed and brought together with modeled hydrological parameters, in collaboration with Deltares. The use will be demonstrated and validated by (inter) national end users.

06/03/09 DRYMON is operational - the ASCAT level2 product of surface soil moisture has been declared operational by EUMETSAT late 2008. This data is the basis for the DRYMON soil water index. This 1m profile soil moisture is for the coming 15 years guaranteed, and is daily opdated for the whole globe.


30/10/06 New satellite enables services (in Dutch) - press release : see document