Case studies
Yield Monitoring in China
Objectives and Team
Summeray of the activities
Interim conclusions and recommandations

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The SCIC -project has followed the SCATMALI and SCATYIELD projects. These projects concentrated on method development and validation of  topsoil humidity, soil profile humidity and soil profile indices that were derived from ERS-scatterometer data for West Africa and Russia. Also yield monitoring was developed and validated. Both the soil profile humidity and the crop prformance parameters matched the observations in the field very well. These results formed the basis for the SCIC project.

The SCIC project focussed on marketing the ERS scatterometer based drought information in China, thus taking a next step into the global application of scatterometer drought products. The project introduced the relatively new products to scientists and govenrment in hina and grew the customer awareness through marketing efforts. The result of marketing can be measured as sales or as increased awareness.  No sales could be made due to the fact that the ERS-2 will only start providing near real time services in the fall of 2002. The method has however been proven beyond doubt to a large number of potential customers in China and beyond.

The SCIC project is not finished yet, but some interim results are presented here.