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The DRYMON services are based on the DRYMON products and auxiliary data, and are used as input for purpose build models. Several models are demonstrated in pilot studies (see case studies) and tested (see also the list with partners), these are:


End-Of-Season Yield Indicators for specific crop (kg/ha)
forecasts during the growing season based on yield reductions due to drought relative to the average yield

Crop Performance Indicator for specific crop (PAW or SPAW based) (%)
provides information on actual yield reduction in crop production due to drought during a certain period

Planting Date / Vegetation Emergence Indicators (calendar date)
crop specific starting dates of the growing season in a specific pixel (start of the growing season for the yield simulation)

River Discharge Forecast
Forecast of river specific discharge


In collaboration with partners and/or customers DRYMON envisages the development of new services, for example:

Drought Early Warning
indicating during a growing season the development of a drought

Drought Severity Index
indicating the intensity of a drought, through its cumulative impact on vegeation and/or crop development

Extreme Wet Condition (eg. Flooding) Early Warning
indicating the development of an extreme wet condition

Forest Fire Risk Warning
indicating the risk of forest fire

Groundwater recharge maps
maps with groundwater recharge rates